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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coffee Thoughts \ You Are Unique

Jordana, my daughter, suggested that I start recording some of my thoughts daily, short ones and she gave me the title -- Coffee Thoughts. She reminded me that I have a very unique way of seeing the world and it would be nice to share. Astrology has certainly contributed to that uniqueness, and it is true that I see life through my own vision. In fact, each of you do, you just don’t always pay attention to it or value it more than someone else’s opinion. The key to happiness is in your ability to separate your individuality, desires and ideas from others, especially those you love or those you want approval from. The reward is nothing less than freedom, the freedom to be you. Freedom has nothing to do with space or money, it has only to do with the way you think, the beliefs you live by and the choices you make based on what you believe to be true or possible. So honor yourself today by listening to yourself, that inner voice that is always trying to be heard above the noise and chaos of the opinions of others.

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