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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Relax, You're Still The Same Sun Sign

Disregard the numerous articles that say your sun sign has changed. You haven’t lost your sun sign or the neurotic sound bites that go with it.The fact that the earth’s precession (or shift in the Earth’s axis) has affected the alignment of the stars and your astrological sign is not a surprise to astrologers or astronomers. Astrology signs are based on the position of the Sun relative to the Zodiac constellation on the day you were born. Of course, this was all worked out over 3000 years ago. And because of the Earth’s “wobble” the sun signs are now nearly a month off. For astrologers there are two zodiacs, one is called Tropical astrology (used by most western astrologers), here the positions of the signs stay in alignment with the seasons. The second is Sidereal astrology, and this keeps in line with the actual position of the stars (Vedic astrology is based on sidereal).So take a deep breath and relax. In another 3000 years there will be a new shift and all Libras will be Leo’s; now that’s when you should panic!
Ophiuchus -- The New Sun Sign
The new sign Ophiuchus is not new, just not talked about. The Sun moves through Orhiuchus from Nov. 29th to Dec 17th for 18 days -- if your birthday falls in this period you can claim to have special powers from the Galactic Center. Orphiuchus is known as the Snake Handler or Charmer and it is said that because it is next to Scorpio, it uses its powers to keep the evil tendencies of the Scorpion at bay. It's always been there, side by side with Scorpio. Just because you now know about it now, doesn't change a thing. Scorpio deals with the shadow side of life, but that doesn't make it evil, it makes it strong. It's intention that determines good and evil, so keep your intention clear and accept that things are always changing, it's just the way life is.