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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011

A solar eclipse is a New Moon, a time of beginnings, but with impact. The solar Sun with its visible strength and power is joined together briefly with the dark and mysterious Moon. However, the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, and there is this brief opportunity for the two energies to unite spiritually and uplift the individual through faith.

The summer begins with the Eclipse on July 1st and Saturn going direct on July 13th. Saturn has been retrograde for four and a half months in Libra. As it prepares to move forward, it first squares the Sun\Moon eclipse. Saturn is a powerful planet; it forces one to be practical and look at what is really going on, no illusions here. To add to the tension Uranus joins the group by also squaring the Sun and Moon and so we now have the zero zero on the roulette wheel, the probability of surprise or a crisis.

The planetary picture is as follows:

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct or side by side: Solar energy is strong and proud. It loves to shine. It wants to be at the center of everything but it’s being deprived of its talents. Lunar energy is deep and ensconced in personal needs, emotions and intuition. It loves to reflect and analyze. It will have more say in the events than are obvious.

Pluto in Capricorn is in opposition to the Sun and Moon: Pluto is all about control and transformation. Capricorn is about our goals, career, and work ethics. It has a critical eye and always sees the problem or what’s missing.

Uranus in Aries is square Pluto, the Sun and the Moon and in opposition to Saturn: Uranus is the “wild card” you never know what its going to do, but what you do know is that it acts spontaneously and in respect for freedom and truth. It adds volatility to the picture and makes it a hard call, in the sense of predictions.

Saturn in Libra is in opposition to Uranus and square the Sun and the Moon and Pluto. Saturn takes its time, even if there is a crisis, it makes one examine and look at the problem so that the best resolution can be had. It won’t let you escape and disappear in fantasies or illusions. It demands practicality and hard work. Thus, Saturn will challenge the control of Pluto and try and hold down the spontaneity of Uranus.

Thus the Sun and Moon find themselves in the middle of a grand square with powerful planets – they are surrounded by strength and different points of view. The eclipse will reveal the conflict of needs present in your life. Emotions could be high, even if they are not visible. Challenges are everywhere. So keep to your purpose, listen to your heart, don’t be discouraged – keep working, and allow the situation to serve you, it will lift you to a new level in your life, either by changing how you see yourself or others, or by what you finally decide not to put up with. This could push your tolerance level over the top. And last of all, don’t be afraid to express your uniqueness and disagree with the group. You’re an individual, and you don’t want those that speak up and try to control things, to get away with what they should not.