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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mercury Retrograde

Most of you have probably heard of Mercury Retrograde, and no matter what you read it's not really negative, at least not in theory. During the dates above (as well as a week before and after because of what we call the shadow) communication gets confused, appointments get changed or missed, information you need is left out, and pieces of things you buy can be missing -- requiring that extra step of taking it back to the store and getting a new one. It's not a great time to sign contracts, make important decisions, or believe that what you have at the moment will be the same by the end of the retrograde. You see Mercury Retrograde wants you to forget the future and all things new and pay attention to the now, and what you have put aside and not completed. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean on its shores, we can't just continue to move forward without paying a heavy price. It enforces this concept by making it almost impossible for a new project to happen quickly. If you meet someone new, they may not last and if they do, you'll deal with issues in the relationship during future retrogrades. Take a new job during this time and it won't stay the same, you could either get promoted quickly, move to a new department, or find yourself looking for something else by the New Year. The focus is on change and completing what has already been started. So don't let yourself get distracted with new ideas, (that's how a lot of us keep ourselves from facing our fears) instead, tackle the stack of unfinished business on your desk, then clean out your closet. Catch up with your life. Put all forward movement on pause, so that when Mercury does go direct, you're ready and not overwhelmed.

This month Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and Sagittarius Thus, your travel plans can be disrupted (mark those bags inside and out with your address) and spend your spare time rethinking your goals and the results you want from the work you do. With the new energy that is coming in early next year, this would be the perfect time to ponder what you really want from your work. It's not just about the money and power, do you have a purpose? What about your work brings you joy? How can you make your everyday life more fulfilling? Don't wait to be happy for when you retire; don't wait to be happy when you finish this or that. . . be happy now! How can you fit happiness into your life today, tomorrow and always. Do you have a clue what turns you on? What puts a smile on your face? Weave these things into your every day existence and see your life change today.

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